Road Safety Scotland: Your Call

Road safety is your decision

It’s Your Call because the only person responsible for your road safety is you. We’re here to offer some help though, so take a look around – this site could save your life.

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  • What Would You Do?

    Take over Dougie’s morning routine and make all the decisions to get him safely to the school.

  • Head Over Wheels

    We'll give you the cash to design your dream vehicle, but we'll mark you on safety and style.

  • The Text Test

    Texting… it’s as easy as brushing your teeth, right? Well, you might just be surprised. Find out how you stack up against The Text Test.

  • Signspotters

    Uneven road? Big waves in the sea? Speed bumps? Looks like a camel’s back, but what does that road sign mean? Test your sign knowledge here.

  • Hazard Hunt

    It can get pretty busy around town, full of cars, people and bikes. Can you find all the road safety hazards facing our tiny pedestrians?

  • The Wall of Risk

    The Wall of Risk – it’s where you separate the risky situations from the, erm, not-so-risky situations.

  • To The Shops

    You know how it is, the sale starts early, and you need to grab the bargains. But would you take unnecessary risks when behind the wheel of a car?

  • Circle of Support

    If you are faced with a problem, who can you turn to? Use the Circle of Support to find the answer.

  • Danger, Danger!

    Don’t panic, don’t panic. Just find the dangers in time and you’ll be okay. Make sure you pay attention though, as there may be questions....

  • The Risk Factor

    Are you cool, calm and cautious, or riskier than a poodle swimming in a shark tank? This is where you find out.

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