Being a safer pedestrian

Soft, delicate pedestrians share the road with 2-ton lumps of metal travelling at speed. So you need to keep your wits about you – are you a safe pedestrian?

Watch Matt's story and ask yourself the question - would you do things the way he does?

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Take the story further

You can also watch the film highlighting the pressure point areas and a psychologist’s interview. The interactive tools, games and quizzes will also test your knowledge and skills and keep you safe in the road environment.

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Matt’s story – Pressure Points

Watch Matt’s story again but this time with added pressure points.

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Psychologist’s interview

A background commentary on pedestrians.

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  • What Would You Do?

    Take over Dougie’s morning routine and make all the decisions to get him safely to the school.

  • Hazard Hunt

    It can get pretty busy around town, full of cars, people and bikes. Can you find all the road safety hazards facing our tiny pedestrians?

  • The Wall of Risk

    The Wall of Risk – it’s where you separate the risky situations from the, erm, not-so-risky situations.

  • Danger, Danger!

    Don’t panic, don’t panic. Just find the dangers in time and you’ll be okay. Make sure you pay attention though, as there may be questions....

  • The Risk Factor

    Are you cool, calm and cautious, or riskier than a poodle swimming in a shark tank? This is where you find out.